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Protector may refer to:
- Someone who protects or guards, by assignment or on their own initiative.
- A device or mechanism which is designed to protect.
- One who prevents interference.
- A state or other subject under international law, exercising a protectorate over another subject in international law.
- (Britain, historical) One having the care of the kingdom during the king's minority; a regent.
- (Roman Catholicism) A cardinal, from one of the more considerable Roman Catholic nations, who looks after the interests of his people at Rome; also, a cardinal who has the same relation to a college, religious order, etc.
- Protector (title), a title or part of various historical titles of heads of state and others in authority, especially:
- Lord Protector, two high positions in the history of the British political system
- a Regent for an English or British King
- during The Protectorate, the period 1653–1659, the Commonwealth of England, Scotland and Ireland was governed by a Lord Protector
- Protector (trust), in trust law, a third party who monitors and controls the trustees
- Protector (role variant), in personality testing, a role variant in the Keirsey Temperament Sorter
- Protector (novel), a 1973 science fiction novel by American writer Larry Niven
- Pak Protector, a form of alien life in this and other novels by Niven
- Protector (C. J. Cherryh novel), a 2013 novel set in C. J. Cherryh's Foreigner universe
- Protector (DC Comics), a superhero briefly a member of the New Teen Titans
- Protector (Marvel Comics), a character in the Marvel Universe
- Protectors, a Malibu Comics group and title
- Protector, a Marvel Comics character who appeared in Tales to Astonish
- The Protector (novel), a 1979 novel by Malcolm Braly
- The Protector, a 2003 novel by David Morrell
- The Protectors (1975 film), a Hong Kong film in the Celestial's Shaw Brothers Film Library
- The Protector (1985 film), an action film starring Jackie Chan
- The Protector (2005 film) (Tom-Yum-Goong), a Thai martial arts film starring Tony Jaa
- Protector (2009 film), a Czech film directed by Marek Najbrt
- The Protectors, a 1972-1973 British television series starring Robert Vaughn
- The Protectors (Danish TV series), a 2009 crime series
- The Protector (TV series), a 2011 police drama TV series starring Ally Walker
- "The Protector", an episode of the British sitcom Take a Letter, Mr. Jones
- Protector (arcade game), a prototype-only arcade video game by Gottlieb
- Protector (video game), a 1981 game for the Atari 8-bit family released by Synapse Software
- Protector (Atari game), a 1999 video game for the Atari Jaguar
- Protector USV, an Israeli unmanned surface vehicle
- Protector (RWS), a remotely controlled weapons station
- Protector (submarine), a 1901 submarine built by American naval engineer Simon Lake
- HMAS Protector, one of two ships operated by the Royal Australian Navy
- HMCS Protector, a Canadian naval base at Sydney, Nova Scotia, 1943-1965
- HMS Protector, one of six ships operated by the British Royal Navy
- Protector RPAS, a medium-altitude, long-endurance (MALE) UAV in development for the Royal Air Force.
- Protector, Richard Lederer, a member of the black metal band Summoning
- Protector (fireboat), a fireboat commissioned in 2016 in Long Beach, California
- Protector (Fireboat, Victoria, BC), a fireboat commissioned in 2008 in Victoria, British Columbia

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If you've ever attempted to name a company you'll know that choosing the right brand name is an art in itself. The best domain names were taken over 10 years ago but in today's modern Internet age the domain name is the brand and it's integral to choose the right name for your company, a name that captures the essence of your business.

Giving your brand the right name is much like naming your own child. It has to be unique, but at the same time, it should be simple and memorable for people outside the family. Particular sounds inspire positive emotions and they result in experiences that are liked, remembered, and shared. Marketing and PR companies have been leveraging this strategy for decades to reinforce positive, memorable experiences through sound.

The best company names are short, snappy, emotion-driven and memorable as a result. If you're struggling to name your company think about the emotions that you want to be felt by your target customer. A 2003 study by neuroscientist Vilanyanur Ramachandran detailed the relationship between certain parts of the brain and metaphors. In the study Ramachandran concluded that sounds are metaphors for images and that people experience sounds through tastes and colors. The instant we hear a new word our brains immediately work trying to make sense of it: Does it sound like something we've heard before? How does it feel? What does it remind us of?

According to scientific studies, the average person can remember only seven digits at any one time. If you want your target customers to remember your brand name and if you want it to jump out at them, the rule of thumb is to make it as short and as catchy as possible.

A great name can create buzz, position you as a true leader and innovator, and reinforce your value proposition in one word. That's powerful! It can convey a culture or a position, and differentiate a company, product or service from the rest of the market. Whereas a poor name can negate the work you do to build a position in the market.